Risk Engineering Services
Highly Protected Risk Engineering Services
HPR engineering services are provided for industrial and commercial properties that want their facilities to be evaluated according to FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets.
Risk engineering consulting services offered to commercial and industrial properties that look for all areas to be protected with automatic sprinkler protection, reliable water supply, equipment safeguards, better plant layout to reduce the hazards and superior construction to significantly reduce and prevent property losses and business interruptions.
Property Risk Engineering Assessments
Facilities are evaluated per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or other standards. The assessment is presented in a formal report with recommendations and comments on how to reduce the hazards. The reports can be customized according to the client needs.
We provide a clear property risks assessment, presenting an engineering report with recommendations and comments on how to reduce the hazard to Risk Management and underwriting assessment reports to Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers and others.
Loss Prevention Consulting for New Facilities and Projects
Being involved at the first stages of a new facility or project with sound risk engineering advise at the conceptual stages will help identify and reduce the hazards and improve the underwriting of the risk. This will save you money by avoiding costly changes at the end of the project.
Property loss prevention consulting is provided throughout all project phases. Starting from project design specifications like selection of roof assemblies, construction issues, fire protection systems, storage areas, hazardous areas, flammable liquids, occupancy, water supply reliability, exposure identification among others. The purpose of a risk evaluation is to identify and analyze conditions that could result in property damage and or business interruption.
Underwriting Risk Engineering Reports
Underwriting Risk Improvement Reports for insurance companies and broker property firms.
Different types of report formats are available for underwriting purposes. Special reports and special instructions suggested by a client will be followed.
Risk Engineering Samples Reports
Note: Sample reports only display 10 pages maximum of the original reports.
Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) and Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Studies
A detailed Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL) / Probable Maximum Loss (PML) scenarios and calculations are provided based on percentages or on values provided by the client.
Insurance diagrams can also be provided.
Risk Improvement Programs
A report with recommendations to reduce the hazard is provided. Recommendations will be in accordance with FM or NFPA standards.
Field Evaluation
Field visits are important to be conducted during an installation or a project in order to verify that the installation is according to approved plans. A final visit is always important to conduct the final acceptance of the installation. Special field visits can be conducted to evaluate automatic fire protection systems, fire pump acceptances, roof cover installations, etc.
  • Automatic Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Pump Acceptance Tests
  • Safety Combustion Gas Trains
  • Roof Cover Systems