Plan Review
Submitting plans, calculations and drawings for comments before installation will help the client verify that the proposed drawings submitted by a contractor will meet all the requirements, standards and codes. AMINTREC will review the proposed drawings of your fire protection system, roof cover, gas combustion trains before installation.
  • Fire protection systems (drawings, hydraulic calculations, seismic bracing and calculations,
  • sprinkler systems, fire alarms, water supplies, special extinguishing systems).
  • Roof cover installation - Standing seam roofs, lap seam roofs, single ply membranes,
  • built-up roofs, etc.
Plan review is recommended to be done as soon as preliminary drawings are available from contractors and before installation.
Draw Plan Drawings are reviewed for comments in accordance to the standards (FM or NFPA) specified by the customer. Recommendations are provided to help ensure contractors meet the standards and avoid making wrong installations and changes at the end of the installation, which often result in higher costs.

Per request, project site visits are conducted to verify that the selected standards are being followed by the contractors and reported to the customer.